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By Kwasi Wiredu

This quantity of newly commissioned essays presents finished assurance of African philosophy, ranging throughout disciplines and in the course of the a while.

  • Offers a particular old remedy of African philosophy.
  • Covers the entire major branches of philosophy as addressed within the African culture.
  • Includes money owed of pre-colonial African philosophy and modern political thought.

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The need for conceptual decolonization in African philosophy is pervasive. Only a few of the concepts that cry for a decolonized treatment have been mentioned. To them might be added the following list: Reality, Being, Existence, Object, Entity, Substance, Property, Quality, Truth, Fact, Opinion, Belief, Knowledge, Faith, Doubt, Certainty, Statement, Proposition, Sentence, Idea, Mind, Soul, Spirit, Thought, Sensation, Matter, Ego, Self, Person, Individuality, Community, Subjectivity, Objectivity, Cause, Chance, Reason, Explanation, Meaning, Freedom, Responsibility, Punishment, Democracy, Justice, God, World, Universe, Nature, Supernature, Space, Time, Nothingness, Creation, Life, Death, Afterlife, Morality, Religion.

The origin, evolution, and development of African philosophy follow the streams and currents of African history. The long history of African philosophy has shown connections with other continents, chiefly with Europe, since the Graeco-Roman world. In remote times African philosophy was mainly located in the Nile Valley, that is, in Kemet or ancient Egypt, and in Kush (NapataMeroe). Philosophy flourished in Egypt from about 3400 bc to 343 b c and in Kush (also known as Nubia or Ethiopia by the Greeks) from about 1000 bc to 625 b c.

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