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By Brian Bolt

A Mathematical Jamboree follows the very profitable puzzle books by way of a similar writer. It comprises 114 puzzles and actions to problem humans of every age. there's a particular remark on the finish of the publication, giving ideas and causes, including the occasional follow-up challenge.

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How should the cars be moved to minimise the cost? 48 car imovements to P Q R S A 3 0 2 4 9 from B 1 4 0 1 6 C 1 3 1 3 8 5 7 3 8 distribution costs to P Q R S A 6 2 5 4 from B 4 5 3 8 C 3 4 7 5 90 Pentagonal magic! Allocate a different number to each of the fifteen points in the figure shown so that the five numbers at the vertices of each of the eight pentagons total 65. Is it possible to allocate the numbers 1 to 15 to the points to make the eight pentagons magic in the same way? 91 Squaring up with 1 to 9 There are 30 different square numbers containing each of the digits 1 to 9 only once.

Which values were needed to satisfy these conditions? If you had to advise the President - and your life depended on it - what value coins would you choose to produce to optimise the possible totals if you were allowed five different values? 55 96 Ibrahim's tile torment! Tiles are made in three shapes by the Tessellation Tile Company: equilateral triangles, regular hexagons and diamonds. Owing to a peculiar quirk of the company's managing director, Sir Cumference, they all had perimeters of the same length.

38 72 A magical eye! There are, amazingly, many ways of placing the numbers 1 to 16 on the sixteen points indicated on the above figure so that the four numbers: at the corners of a square, on a circle, on a circular arc, all sum to 34. To give you a start in finding such a solution, six numbers have already been allocated. 73 Devious Diana's dice Diana enjoyed inventing games to play with her younger brother, Joe. Sometimes, to add spice to the games, they would stake their pocket money on the outcome.

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