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By Bekir Aktas, Faik Mikailov

The publication goals to supply an outline of modern growth within the figuring out of magnetic houses in nanoscale via contemporary result of numerous theoretical and experimental investigations. The papers describe quite a lot of actual elements, including theoretical and experimental tools. it truly is of principal curiosity to researchers and experts in magnetism and magnetic fabrics technology, either in educational and commercial learn, in addition to complex scholars.

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6. 1). On milling the bulk sample for 30 min, it is seen that both the coercivity and the retentivity increases. On the whole, milling leads to an improvement of the ferromagnetic properties, although the Curie temperature does not change appreciably for this sample. The changes in the magnetic properties of the MM sample, compared with the bulk, can be attributed to the nanosized nature of the MM sample and the consequent changes in the microstructure. Because of nanocrystallization, the fraction of atoms on the grain boundaries and interfaces increase.

Lakshmi1 , V. Sebastian2 , and K. , Kerala 670 701, India Summary. The effect of disordering, particularly Cr clustering on the magnetic properties in bulk and nanosized Heusler alloy Fe2 CrAl has been studied using a combination of X-ray diffraction, 57 Fe M¨ ossbauer spectroscopy, and DC magnetization. The structural order/disorder has been confirmed using M¨ ossbauer spectroscopy, and the observed bulk magnetic properties have been correlated to these results. Mechanical milling of the bulk alloys result in a more even distribution of Cr, reducing the clustering and hence enhancing the bulk magnetic properties with nearly no change in the Curie temperature (TC ).

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