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By James Stewart, Lothar Redlin, Saleem Watson

This top promoting writer workforce explains recommendations easily and obviously, with out glossing over tricky issues. challenge fixing and mathematical modeling are brought early and strengthened all through, supplying scholars with an exceptional beginning within the ideas of mathematical pondering. complete and frivolously paced, the publication offers whole assurance of the functionality inspiration, and integrates an important volume of graphing calculator fabric to assist scholars increase perception into mathematical principles. The authors' cognizance to element and readability, just like present in James Stewart's market-leading Calculus e-book, is what makes this ebook the industry chief.

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412m 2 (a) ab ϭ ; Property (b) a ϩ 1b ϩ c2 ϭ ; (c) a 1b ϩ c2 ϭ ; Property Property 3. To add two fractions, you must first express them so that they have the same . 4. To divide two fractions, you multiply. the divisor and then 23–28 ■ Use properties of real numbers to write the expression without parentheses. 23. 31x ϩ y 2 24. 1a Ϫ b28 27. Ϫ 52 12x Ϫ 4y2 28. 13a 2 1b ϩ c Ϫ 2d2 29–40 29. 3 10 31. 2 3 5–6 ■ 5. 23, Ϫ 13, 126 ϩ 154 30. Ϫ 35 2 2 3 Ϫ 1 4 ϩ 15 32. 1 ϩ 58 Ϫ 1 6 34. 25A 89 ϩ 12 B 36. A 12 Ϫ 13 B A 12 ϩ 13 B 35.

X6 x10 39. 12y2 2 3 34. z 5zϪ3zϪ4 37. a9aϪ2 a 40. 18x 2 2 42. 12a3a2 2 4 43. 13z 2 2 16z2 2 Ϫ3 44. 12z2 2 Ϫ5z10 45. a 46. a a2 3 b 4 3x4 2 b 4x2 47–72 ■ Simplify the expression, and eliminate any negative exponent(s). 47. 14x2y4 2 12 x5y 2 60. 3 a2 5 a3b2 3 b a 3 b b c 8a3bϪ4 2aϪ5b5 1u3√Ϫ2 2 3 73–80 66. 3a Ϫ1 b b3 y Ϫ2 5x b Ϫ3 qϪ1rϪ1sϪ2 rϪ5sqϪ8 ■ b Ϫ1 12√ 3„ 2 2 √ 3„ 2 62. a 64. 1uϪ1√ 2 2 2 x5y3 2x3y2 2 x4z2 b a b z3 4y5 5xyϪ2 xϪ1yϪ3 1rs2 2 3 1rϪ3s2 2 2 x2y 2y 70. a 2aϪ1b Ϫ3 b a2bϪ3 72. a xyϪ2zϪ3 3 b Ϫ2 68.

Distances Between Powers closer together? 1010 and 1050 or Which pair of numbers is 10100 and 10101 109. Signs of Numbers Let a, b, and c be real numbers with a Ͼ 0, b Ͻ 0, and c Ͻ 0. Determine the sign of each expression. 4 R ATIONAL E XPONENTS AND R ADICALS Radicals ᭤ Rational Exponents ᭤ Rationalizing the Denominator In this section we learn to work with expressions that contain radicals or rational exponents. ▼ Radicals We know what 2n means whenever n is an integer. To give meaning to a power, such as 24/5, whose exponent is a rational number, we need to discuss radicals.

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