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By Peter R. Whiteley

From the eighth Australasian convention on Aluminium Casthouse know-how in Brisbane, Australia, September 14-17, 2003

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Chemical Purpose Indion 5653 Scale inhibitor & fouling control. This is used to avoid any scaling inside the moulds, in-line water filter and the pipe lines Indion 9106 Anodic corrosion inhibitor. Indion 9024 Cathodic corrosion inhibitor. Equal amount of cationic and anionic corrosion inhibitors are added, to avoid any deterioration in cooling efficiency of water. Indion 1493 Biocide. This is a bromine based biocide. Chlorine based biocide is avoided, as it is known to reduce the cooling efficiency of water drastically.

1 8 5I 2000 2001 2002 Year The Just In Time committee initiated process mapping (table-3) to identify non value adding activities (NVA) in billet casting. This study was very revealing & helped to identify a very simple project for overall cycle times reduction in billet casting. Table. 3. Productivity (process mapping) SI. No. Activities Scrap charging Molten metal charging Blending Sample analysis Fluxing Dedrossing Holding Casting Pit stripping Shifting & charge preparation Homogenizing Shifting Billet cooling Unloading Starting head & mold changing (5-6",7-8",8-9",9-7") 16.

The launder system been rebuilt with a smaller profile, from pre­ cast sections of light weight refractory material and the facility can now be started without the need to drain metal at start up. The system also now incorporates automated gates for better control and safety. Between the degasser and ceramic foam filter a 800 mm cascade was a source of turbulence and oxide formation. The casting wheel had to be lifted to eliminate this cascade and the casting wheel, which once operated in a submerged pit, now has a single level-operating floor for the operators.

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