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By Arthur Bailey

As a scientist Arthur Bailey used to be stunned t o notice that dowsing really works. This e-book is an acc ount of his discoveries and continues to be precise to the spirit of sc ientific learn. '

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Alw ays good for us, perh aps we should not drink too mu ch of it, pe rh aps we need a bit of a hoost fro m caffe ine or need a drin k but preferably not co ffee, Havin g o ther possible resp onses apart from the obvious 'yes' and 'no' , ca n th e ref o re bro ad en the scope of o ur dowsing co nsid e rably, T he nex t stag-e is th e ref o re to de te rmine th e specific res ponses in the same way as we d id with th e o rig-inal 'yes' and 'no' answe rs. Ask the pen dulum to ind icate which movement indica tes a partial 'yes' and which one ind icates a partial ' no' and, havin g- es tablished th ose sig-nals, stick with the m!

Above . all, p rovid ed your results arc not obviou sly suspect, learn to trust your own dowsing. Assuming tha t your results d o not unnecessari ly res trict your di et (in wh ir h case you may well be trying too hard), it sh ould h ave a very beneficial e ffe ct o n your general h ealth . 7 Dowsing for Medicines s o far we have co ncerned o urselves with cha nging o ur diet as a means 10 achieve bette r health. T h is is fine, provided our bod y is sufficie n tly well to be a ble to respond to these methods of treatm ent.

E n. hyd ro gen a nd oft e n n itrog-en. l uad cq ua n: a m oun ts of a ny vita m in will ca use p hysica l healt h problems. Bu t what is th e m inim u m a m o unt needed ? It is here th at we e n te r a mi nefiel d . Diffe ren t au tho ri ties ill I l l E1' A N I ) D I ETARY SUPP l. NTS qu o te di ffe rent amoun t" so it is a lmost im possible to kn ow the true minimum figures. Fo r th e RDA of a ny pa rti cular vitam in , it is not unusu al to find th a t th e Am erica n rigu rc is g rea ter th an th e British o ne (wh ere a Brili sh value is given ), T h is ca n no t he cl ue 10 any th ing ex cept di fferent interpret ati ons o f research d ata .

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