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By Tosti A.(Ed.), De Padova M. (Ed.)

The injection of a mixture of supplementations and drugs into the center layer of the surface has been practised in continental Europe for a few fifty years now, yet as the literature has hitherto no longer been released in English the subject continues to be surrounded by way of loads of lack of information and prejudice. This atlas from a well known authorship will record intimately what's excited about the sensible suggestions of mesotherapy and may be of utmost curiosity to all practitioners of beauty dermatology.All practitioners in minimally invasive aesthetic surgical procedure may have heard or examine mesotherapy - the injection of a mixture of supplements and drugs into the center layer of the outside - which has been sophisticated in continental Europe for over fifty years, yet as the literature has hitherto now not been released in English the subject typically continues to be surrounded by way of loads of lack of know-how (and even prejudice). This atlas from a well known eu authorship will rfile intimately what's excited about the sensible scientific strategies of mesotherapy and should be an important reference.

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This state is maintained for a limited period of time, after which the potentials tend to reequilibrate because of electrolytic conduction. 3). 4). 8). The good results obtained have permitted the use of this procedure for the introduction of botulinun-toxin-like substances to the fine wrinkle areas of the face, and it has been suggested that it could also be used with draining and vascularizing substances for treating streaks and scars. In conclusion, dermoelectroporation represents a new frontier in the application of knowledge of the physiopathology of the interstitial matrix, and holds great promise for the future.

Maintenance of the results is related to the patient’s lifestyle. Performing mesotherapy on young skin is, of course, different from performing it on aging skin. It is important to remember also that mesotherapy is not a filling technique, but permits the rejuvenation of the skin by increasing its hydration and by reconstructing an optimal physiological environment for the fibroblasts. Mesotherapy improves the skin globally; fillers and botulinum toxin improve the skin only locally, in the areas where they are injected.

Inject the product slowly, to avoid the high pressure breaking vessel walls. Apply antibiotic cream after each session. To avoid pain, in sensitive patients: • • • • • Pinch or stretch the skin during the injections. Perform the injections precisely. Change the needle several times during each treatment. Choose products containing lidocaine or apply Emla cream 1 hour before treatment. Talk with the patient a lot during the session! qxd 8/8/07 2:25 PM Page 51 RESULTS 7 Maria Pia De Padova, Matilde Iorizzo, and Antonella Tosti With mesotherapy, the skin appears firmer, brighter, and better moisturized.

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