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By Mark Stenhoff

This can be the one medical evaluation of ball lightning in print today with an updated insurance of thought. This publication offers a serious evaluation of eyewitness observations of ball lightning and of facts of its interplay with the surroundings. Ball lightning may not be dangerous, yet could be a precursor of traditional lightning. the belief is that ball lightning has decrease power than often assumed and that a few theories are therefore redundant. After significantly reviewing the present concept, suggestions are supplied for destiny study. This expert publication attracts new conclusions concerning the features of ball lightning and relates those to present theories.

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Ml. The functions Yim are orthonormalized 21t" f f fi:"m. Yim sin 0 dO <5

85, ifn' = n- 1, y' < }'' y = nsp, s11• = 1, y'

8 Radial Analytical Wave Functions 37 When I = 0, 1, 2, the expressions for the functions 8 1m are 8oo= fi· 81o=(D 2 82o = GY' Gcos 2 08 2,±2 = 1 I1"C. 18) . 2) has no analytical solutions, and to solve it one has to use approximations. As the starting point for calculations, the central-field approximation is used when each atomic electron is assumed to move in a certain effective central symmetric field Uc(r) of the atomic core created by the nucleus and the other electrons. 19) where Eis the known energy value (experimentally or theoretically).

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