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If then from Weston ly home to to Springfield, how many miles does she drive? she drive? 51. Walter Swensen is examining the fences of a farm in Caribou. Maine. The shape of one field is in the shape of a four-sided figure with no sides equal. The field is enclosed with 2387 feet of wooden rail fence. The first side is 568 feet long, while the second side is 682 feet long. The third side is 703 feet long. 52. Carlos Sontera is walking to examine the fences The field he is shape of a rectangle. The perimeter of the rectangle is 3456 feet.

The number being subtracted is called the subtrahend. The number being subtracted from is called the minuend. will not often 17 — 26 9 subtrahend 8 difference number 17 is called the minuend. The number The number 8 is called the difference. In this case; the subtrahend. 3 Subtraction of Quick Recall of Subtraction Facts It is if you can subtract quickly. See if you can do Example 1 correctseconds or less. Repeat again with Practice Problem 1. Strive to obanswers correctly in 15 seconds or less.

S. S. us the numbers represent billions of dollars. These values are only approximate written to the nearest billion. They are not exact financial figures. Personal Consumption Expenditures How much from numbers in 45. the estimated population of Florida in 1970? 1910? California in 2000? Notice that the \ «-^ ^ New York -> did people in the United States 1995 on transportation? How much spend 48. in How much spend did people in the United States 1997 on medical care? in activities? did people in the United States 1991 on religious and welfare Section 49.

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