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Easy collage arithmetic bargains a clean method of the conventional content material of the direction. offered in worktext structure, simple collage arithmetic makes a speciality of uncomplicated quantity abilities: operations and problem-solving with entire numbers, fractions, and decimals. different themes comprise geometry, size, ratios, proportions, percents, and the genuine quantity approach (with an creation to algebra). The textual content displays the compassion and perception of its skilled writer staff with beneficial properties built to handle the categorical wishes of developmental point scholars.

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Write the 2 in the tens column, and carry the 1 to the hundreds column. 11 Answers 3. 4345 4. 72 5. 28,773 458 ϩ 67 525 Add the digits in the hundreds column. The sum is 525. 2 Addition of Whole Numbers and Perimeter Addition of numbers may include more than two addends. Adding Whole Numbers Example 5 Skill Practice 6. Add. 57,296 4,089 ϩ 9,762 21,076 ϩ 84,158 ϩ 2419 Add. Solution: 1 12 21,076 84,158 ϩ 2,419 107,653 In this example, the sum of the digits in the ones column is 23. Therefore, we write the 3 and carry the 2.

In the United States, there are approximately 60,000,000 cats living in households. Write the number 60,000,000 in words. qxd 6/13/08 3:40 PM Page 8 BASIC— 8 Chapter 1 Whole Numbers For Exercises 57–62, convert the number to standard form. ) 57. Six thousand, five 58. Four thousand, four 59. Six hundred seventy-two thousand 60. Two hundred forty-eight thousand 61. One million, four hundred eighty-four thousand, two hundred fifty 62. Two million, six hundred forty-seven thousand, five hundred twenty Objective 4: The Number Line and Order For Exercises 63–64, graph the numbers on the number line.

73. 6 11 74. 14 13 75. 21 18 76. 5 77. 3 7 78. 14 24 79. 95 89 80. 28 30 81. 0 3 82. 8 83. 90 91 84. 48 47 0 7 Expanding Your Skills 85. Answer true or false. The number 12 is a digit. 86. Answer true or false. The number 26 is a digit. 87. What is the greatest two-digit number? 88. What is the greatest three-digit number? 89. What is the greatest whole number? 90. What is the least whole number? 91. How many zeros are there in the number ten million? 92. How many zeros are there in the number one hundred billion?

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