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Complete the following: 1. 16+ 2. l = 80 ~·50 3. 7 1O~OO = 9 1500 Go to 33. . = ?. 30 Fractions From 29 You say 15+ 50=2 2 1 . 50· h 1 . 50 25 -;IS t e same as 25 -;- T Now you remember the rule that to divide, we invert and multiply. Now we only invert the number by which we are going to divide, in this case 50, or ~O which we know is the same thing. 500mverted iIS 50 1 so we have to T 0 1 by 50. 1 Y our answer 0 mu 1tiP Iy 25 IS wrong. Have another look at 29 and work out a different answer.

So, to save the trouble of writing out 10 4 as 10 x 10 x 10 x 10, when you are going to multiply it by 10 7 you can say straight away that: by adding the index figures or indices (as they are called in the plural). This only applies when all the numbers being multiplied have the same base, (which in this case was 10). Q. What is 94 x 93 ? Show the answer as a base and index. Indices 94 A. X 48 93 = 9 7 Which of the following two groups of examples contains a mistake? Work out each calculation in each group before deciding on your answer.

26 Fractions A. 7 We already know that 1 Q. Then if What is the answer to: * is the same as i. 27 Fractions A. 1. 4 IS t he same as "4 xT 7 Do you see how we arrive at this? To divide by any fraction, the fraction by which we are dividing is inverted (turned upside down) and then used to multiply. In the above example: 7 7. 1 "4 4 we first invert 7 t, making to The problem then becomes 4 "4 x T Notice that the -;- sign changes to a x sign. Q. Answer the following: 28 Fractions A. This applies to any fraction.

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