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By Jerome E. Kaufmann, Karen L. Schwitters

Starting ALGEBRA employs a confirmed, three-step problem-solving approach--learn a ability, use the ability to resolve equations, after which use the equations to resolve program problems--to maintain scholars considering construction abilities and reinforcing them via perform. this straightforward and simple strategy, in an easy-to-read layout, has helped many scholars seize and follow primary problem-solving abilities. The conscientiously based pedagogy contains studying ambitions, certain examples to enhance suggestions, perform workouts, an in depth number of problem-set routines, and well-organized end-of-chapter studies and tests. also, the fresh and uncluttered layout is helping retain scholars interested by the recommendations whereas minimizing distractions. difficulties and examples reference a huge array of themes, in addition to occupation components similar to electronics, mechanics, and healthiness, displaying scholars that arithmetic is a part of daily life. additionally, as prompt through the yank Mathematical organization of Two-Year schools, many simple geometric recommendations are built-in within the book's problem-solving units. The text's source package--anchored through more desirable WebAssign, a web homework administration tool--saves teachers time whereas additionally supplying extra support and skill-building perform for college kids outdoor of sophistication.

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7)(8) 62. (Ϫ6)(9) 63. (Ϫ5)(Ϫ12) 64. (Ϫ7)(Ϫ14) For Problems 101–104, find the value of 65. 14(Ϫ9) 66. 17(Ϫ7) the given values for F. 67. (Ϫ11)(Ϫ14) 68. (Ϫ13)(Ϫ17) 69. (Ϫ15)(Ϫ15) 70. (Ϫ18)(Ϫ18) 101. F ϭ 59 102. F ϭ 68 103. F ϭ 14 104. F ϭ Ϫ4 5 Divide Integers 73. Ϫ42 Ϫ6 74. Ϫ72 Ϫ8 75. 96 Ϫ8 76. Ϫ91 7 78. 1Ϫ482 Ϭ 1Ϫ32 81. 1Ϫ722 Ϭ 18 82. 1Ϫ702 Ϭ 5 80. 102 Ϭ 1Ϫ72 6 Simplify Numerical Expressions Involving Integers For Problems 83 –92, simplify each numerical expression. 85. 1Ϫ32 1Ϫ82 ϩ 1Ϫ92 1Ϫ52 87.

28 Chapter 1 Basic Concepts of Arithmetic and Algebra EXAMPLE 5 Simplify 19(Ϫ26 ϩ 25). Solution For this problem, we are better off not applying the distributive property but simply adding the numbers inside the parentheses and then finding the indicated product. Thus 19(Ϫ26 ϩ 25) ϭ 19(Ϫ1) ϭ Ϫ19 ▼ PRACTICE YOUR SKILL Simplify Ϫ19(Ϫ34 ϩ 34). EXAMPLE 6 ■ Simplify 27(104) ϩ 27(Ϫ4). Solution Keep in mind that the distributive property enables us to change from the form a(b ϩ c) to ab ϩ ac, or from ab ϩ ac to a(b ϩ c).

EXAMPLES 115 is divisible by 5, because 5 is divisible by 5. 172 is not divisible by 5, because 2 is not divisible by 5. 36 Chapter 1 Basic Concepts of Arithmetic and Algebra Rule for 9 A whole number is divisible by 9 if and only if the sum of the digits of its base-10 numeral is divisible by 9. EXAMPLES 765 is divisible by 9, because 7 ϩ 6 ϩ 5 ϭ 18 and 18 is divisible by 9. 147 is not divisible by 9, because 1 ϩ 4 ϩ 7 ϭ 12 and 12 is not divisible by 9. 4 Find the Greatest Common Factor We can use the prime factorization form of two composite numbers to conveniently find their greatest common factor (GCF).

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