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By Edward Winterhalder & Arthur Veno

The global of bikers' golf equipment has lengthy been shrouded in secrecy, however the function of girls in those male bastions is much more mysterious. renowned photographs of scantily clad ladies who're little greater than slaves do not do justice to the wealthy heritage and tradition of the numerous ladies who've selected to trip with their biker males. Even much less press is given to the ladies who journey of their personal correct in golf equipment that commemorate the camaraderie of alternative ladies and the liberty and pleasure of driving strong motorbikes.

Ever considering Motor Maids, the 1st lady bike membership, shaped within the Thirties with their old fashioned white gloves and a flourish of colour on their jackets, ladies bikers were turning heads. And but this present day within the male international of the golf equipment ladies are visible as mere 'accessories' for male membership participants and the principles and protocols they have to realize are unbelievable, even though a few wield way more energy over their males than it'll appear.

Biker Chicks brings jointly the private tales of the ladies - the 'ole ladies', the 'strippers', the 'hang-arounds', the 'biker sluts', the 'mamas' and the 'sweet butts', in addition to the reports of the all woman biker teams - and places them into the context of a protracted enjoyable heritage, detailing the forces and motivations that draw specific ladies to the motorcycle scene.

Biker Chicks is a special and well timed investigate an international that mystifies - occasionally terrifies - the outsider.

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It was all about strength in numbers, support, common interests, and control. And from time immemorial subgroups formed within the populace. In turn, these subgroups became more specialized and sophisticated as civilization evolved. From the caves of the Stone Age emerged leadership groups and hunter/warrior castes; spiritual/religious hierarchies arose; later came the intelligentsia cliques, sects and cults of various kinds, guilds/ societies, fraternities/sororities, and clubs, many of which were covert and cloaked in secrecy.

It was the rowdy presence of the BoozeFighters and Pissed Off Bastards as well as a handful of similar clubs, at the AMA sanctioned 1947 Gypsy Tour Rally 31 32 Biker Chicks in the small town of Hollister, California, that gave birth to the biker image of troublemaker and antisocial deviant. The non-affiliated AMA clubs’ usual high jinks of hard partying, heavy drinking, and tearing up the streets with their motorcycles, while not exactly Boy Scouts behavior, was totally blown out of proportion and sensationalized in news reports.

The price ticket on the average bike was around $275 (US); for another $75 to $100 the purchaser could bolt a sidecar to his machine. Meanwhile, Ford’s Model T cost about $850. What proved to be a real boon for the motorcycle industry, especially Harley-Davidson, was America’s entry into World War I. Between 1916 and 1918, Harley geared up production to 25,000 units for the US military alone. Conversely, the end of the war saw the collapse of the motorcycle industry, not just because there were no more military contracts to fill, but because Ford had begun massproducing the Model T.

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