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How nice is your mind? cost your self out with 22 teasers, with 15 elements every one and a time limit-it's the first-ever fun-and-games option to fee your intelligence. a few samples you will not locate on any common IQ attempt: 1.If a shameless grape is a BRAZEN RAISIN, what might you name a bit stone within the resistance movement?2.Three comparable phrases were written in a row, with the vowels got rid of. upload the vowels to accomplish the phrases: L P H N T R M D L L N T L P3.What universal English observe comprises the consecutive letter series XOP?Answers: 1. insurgent PEBBLE; 2. Elephant, Armadillo, Antelope; three. Saxophone. nonetheless extra goofiness: rather than the outdated scoring process (150 = genius; 70 = dunce), you grade your self via a chart that rhymes.

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VIPOURLEPTLE BSIUZTZLTEER SWINUTMERMER 7. 3F Y33 C3N F3G3R3 T H 3 S 33T, Y33 C3N 3GN3R3 V3W3LS! 32 8. Word Ladder: Can you change HATE to LOVE, one letter at a time, in four steps? You must have a word at each step. H A T E L O V E 9. Give the fifth and sixth in this familiar sequence: ST ND RD TH 10. Fill in a letter to complete a six-letter word reading either clockwise or counterclockwise. What- is the word? 11. Think of a word for the first blank, and change one letter to form the word for the second blank.

If Bob marries his father's sister's husband's sister, then Bob's wife works. If Bob's daughter marries Bob's father's sister's husband's sister, then Bob's daughter works. 43 12. C B A 2 6 E D 4 5 F 3 1 If A + C + E = 14, then A, C, E must be 6, 5, 3 in some order. If B = 1 then (1 x 1) + 1 = 2, and A cannot be 2. So B = 2 and A = (2 x 2) + 2 = 6. The numbers C, D, E, F are 5, 4, 3, 1. 13. DCAB Each word pictured drops its labeled letter to make a new word: ch(a)in, lim(b)o, dun(c)e, bri(d)e 1 4 .

Lockers in a high school hallway are numbered consecutively from 678 to 789. How may lockers are in the hallway? 1 3 . W A B B Y T HAT W B O O T W H CRYPTO: C. Z B R ' H H C L T ET X. G'E SOBXCZDI RBH GH W. YTDTWH Z GRYHTCZ Z. PGRRTO'Y SGWL 14. W h a t four-letter word completes this analogy? P E R F O R M i s t o P R O M a s C O L L U D E is to 15. W h a t letter/number combination goes in the blank? A4 B6 C2 D9 E8 55 17 M5 R3 Answers for Test 8 1 . This answer grid can also be flipped along the main diagonal so that G A R G L E is the first word across.

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