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By Carol Tator

In this considerate and lucid research, framed via their rivalry that 'cultural creation is one manner during which society offers voice to racism,' Carol Tator, Frances Henry, and Winston Matthis research how six debatable Canadian cultural occasions have given upward push to a brand new 'radical' or 'critical' multiculturalism.

Mainstream tradition has more and more develop into the locus for problem by way of racial minorities. starting with the Royal Ontario Museum's Into the guts of Africa exhibition, and following via with discussions of convey Boat, omit Saigon, the exhibition of the Barnes assortment on the artwork Gallery of Ontario, the 'Writing through Race' convention in Vancouver, and the ill-fated makes an attempt to procure a licence for a black/dance radio station in Toronto, the authors study manifestations of racism in Canada's cultural construction during the last decade. A 'radical' multiculturalism, they argue, is distinction as a politicized strength, and arises at any time when cultural imperialism is challenged.

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The words or images became so imbued with disparate meanings for different users that whatever the aim of the curator, it became impossible for those words and images to be read and understood 'objectively/ Every discursive community interprets words, images, and actions, and then constructs meanings that make sense to them based on their particular life histories, experiences, and social contexts (Mackey, 1995; Hutcheon, 1994; Schildkrout, 1991). Regardless, then, of the curator's stated intentions, phrases such as 'Darkest Africa/ 'savage customs/ 'Defenders of the Empire/ and 'unknown continent' supported and preserved racist traditions, and framing them in quotations did not make their use more justifiable (Itwaru and Ksonzek, 1994).

The Transmission of Racist Discourse: The Role of the Media Values of Eurocentrism are embedded in the larger value system of society, but how do these values reach the ordinary citizen, and how do they exacerbate racism? Although values are learned through family and peer group socialization, through societal institutions (including schools), and so on, a key mechanism for transmitting cultural values is the media. For most adults past school age, the media are the main source of infor- Theoretical Perspectives 31 mation, not only about events but also about their meaning.

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