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Bip. (Asteraceae) known as feverfew, leaves have been used as antipyretic or febrifuge. Recent studies have revealed that feverfew effective in migraine by substantially reducing the frequency and severity of the headache. Responsible compound appears to be parthenolide, a germacranolide type sesquiterpenoid lactone. Parthenolide was reported to act as serotonin antagonist resulting in an inhibition of the release of serotonin from blood platelets. Parthenolide was isolated from the leaves of T.

Further purification was performed by means of ODS MPLC and HPLC with MeOH-H2O and ACN-H2O to obtain luteolin 6-C-(4’’-methyl-6’’-O-trans-caffeoylglucoide), luteolin 6-C-(6’’-Otrans-caffeoylglucoide), luteolin 6-C-(2’’-O-trans-caffeoylglucoide) and luteolin 7-O-(6’’-pbenzoylglucoide), luteolin and isorhamnetin. To obtain 4’, 5-dihyroxy-3, 3’, 6, 7tetramethoxyflavone and artemetin hexane extract was subjected to column chromatography and eluted with hexane-EtOAc (10:0-0:10) followed with EtOAc-MeOH (1:1).

2001). O O O OH O zedoarol O germacrone O O curzeone O O curdione β-elemene ar-turmerone β- turmerone 23 Column Chromatography for Terpenoids and Flavonoids Daucus carota L. (Umbelliferae) is widely distributed in the world. Fruits of the plant have been used commonly as a medicine for the treatment of ancylostomiasis, dropsy, chronic kidney diseases and bladder afflictions in Chinese medicine. Flavonoids, anthocyanins, chromones, coumarins as well as sesqiterpenoids have been isolated from the D.

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