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By Philip H. Pollock

This booklet considers the aftermath of youth sexual abuse in the conceptual framework of Cognitive Analytic treatment, and provides a version for therapy.

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These authors argue that the data does not lend support to a ‘sexual abuse syndrome’ which shows a specific course or outcome. Anxiety, depressive symptoms, inappropriate sexualised behaviours, nightmares, social withdrawal, sleeping difficulties, anger and aggression, delinquency, school adjustment problems and physical conditions have been described as reactions to childhood abuse. Other consequences such as HIV infection are tragic complications for abused children in modern society (Whitmire, Harlow, Quina & Morokoff, 1998).

CAT is described in an often dense and taxing language of terminology, concepts and technical processes but can be translated into simplistic ideas to the majority of those with average intelligence. As a theoretical model and psychotherapy modality, it has become refined over a 20-year period to date. CAT is an integrative model of psychopathology and therapy, which blends and revises several concepts from, in particular, psychoanalytic and object relations thinking. The theory synthesises features from personal construct theory (Kelly, 1955), cognitive-behavioural practice and object relations perspectives.

The perception to promote is that the survivor applied whatever means possible to cope with unmanageable feelings and ideas, at a time when thoughts were invalidated, one’s sense of reality was corrupted, confusion reigned and ‘something’ needed to be done to express or manage the situation and make sense of one’s own experiences and events. A survivor who becomes addicted to cocaine may do so because the drug provides a feeling of blissful fusion and the capacity to relate to others without anxiety.

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