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By H. N. V. Temperley

The articles amassed listed below are the texts of the invited lectures given on the 8th British Combinatorial convention held at college collage, Swansea. The contributions replicate the scope and breadth of program of combinatorics, and are up to date experiences by way of mathematicians engaged in present learn. This quantity can be of use to all these drawn to combinatorial rules, whether or not they be mathematicians, scientists or engineers considering the starting to be variety of functions.

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41 A TOUR THROUGH TOURNAMENTS OR BIPARTITE AND ORDINARY TOURNAMENTS: A COMPARATIVE SURVEY LOWELL W. BEINEKE PURDUE UNIVERSITY AT FORT WAYNE AND THE POLYTECHNIC OF NORTH LONDON Some of the richest theory in the study of directed graphs is found in the area of tournaments, and it is interesting to see whether a portion of that theory can be applied to other areas. In this work, we will examine analogues of results on 'ordinary' tournaments in another family, the 'bipartite' tournaments. We begin by defining these two families.

W. J. ) to appear. J. Cameron, J-M. J. Seidel, Strongly regular graphs having strongly regular subconstituents, J. Algebra 55 (1978), 257-280. [Ca 1878a] A. Cayley, On the theory of groups, Proc. London Math. Soc. 9 (1878), 126-133. , The theory of groups: graphical representations, [Ca 1878b] Amer. J. Math. 1 (1878), 174-176. [Ch 64] C-Y. Chao, On a theorem of Sabidussi, Proc. S. 15 (1964), 291-294. M. Coxeter, Self-dual configurations and regular maps, Bull. Amer. Math. Soc. 56 (1950), 413-455.

23. For every fixed k, the numbers orb(G,k) are unbounded (G ranges through all finite groups). 22. The edge-orbit conjecture is equivalent to its edge-coloured, It is also equivalent to its analogue for directed graph version. hypergraphs with bounded rank. The rank of a hypergraph is the maximum As soon as the rank is allowed to grow as 0(d), size of its hyperedges. a bounded number of edge orbits will suffice: 7 orbits are enough if the rank bound is 3d. 19, using that every vertex except w has valence <3d in the graph constructed there.

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