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By Horst Surburg, Johannes Panten

Get an exceptional commence in taste and perfume chemistry!
This e-book offers a survey of these normal and artificial body spray and taste fabrics that are commercially to be had, produced and used on a comparatively huge scale and that are vital elements for the construction of perfume and taste compositions due to their particular sensory features, e.g., odor, style. It offers info on their houses, equipment hired of their manufacture, and their parts of software. this can be the fifth variation of the vintage "Bauer-Garbe".
"...The very good and concise advent to this distinct is by way of wide details on approximately 500 of the main used body spray and taste compounds. Names, molecular formulation, actual info, smell and style descriptions, makes use of, and a few tactics for the bigger scale creation of chemical substances are all incorporated. Successive chapters care for crucial oils, animal secretions, qc, toxicology and literature. The formulation, identify and CAS registry quantity index are a useful and well timed addition."
—Parfumer and Flavorist
"...Data that might ordinarily must be chosen from many various books are available one resource with this book...with over 800 citations through the textual content, this can be a approximately inexhaustible resource of information."

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FCT 1984 (22) p. 623. 4519, is not reported as being found in nature. It is a colorless to pale yellow liquid with a powerful, green, leafy odor. 5Methyl-3-heptanone oxime is prepared by oximation of the corresponding ketone. It imparts natural and fresh nuances to fragrance notes and is used in fine perfumery as well as in cosmetics, soaps, and detergents. FCT 1992 (30) p. 87S. Trade Name. Stemone (Giv). 912, is a colorless to pale yellow liquid with a green, floral, violet and cucumber-like odor.

Since the acetal is stable to alkali, it is used occasionally in soap perfumes. FCT 1975 (13) p. 548. 453, is a colorless to slightly yellow liquid with an intense aldehyde-waxy, slightly flowery odor. It is synthesized from a hydrogenated pseudoionone (primarily the tetrahydro compound) and an alkyl chloroacetate by means of a glycidic ester condensation; this is followed by hydrolysis and decarboxylation. 2,6,10-Trimethyl-9-undecenal is a richly fragrant substance that is used in flower compositions to obtain an aldehydic note.

3 ; (+)-limonene [5959-27-5] and ( – )-limonene [5989-54-8] as well as the racemate (dipentene) [7705-14-8] occur abundantly in many essential oils. The (+) isomer is present in citrus peel oils at a concentration of over 90 %; a low concentration of the ( – ) isomer is found in oils from the Mentha species and conifers. Limonene is a liquid with lemon-like odor. It is a reactive compound; oxidation often yields more than one product. Dehydrogenation leads to p-cymene. Limonene can be converted into cyclic terpene alcohols by hydrohalogenation, followed by hydrolysis.

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