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I reprove you for this. You gave him some money. I praise you for this. This theory has been called the boo-bravo theory of (what seem to be) ascriptions of wrongness or rightness. ' do not consist of a grammatical subject and a grammatical predicate, so there is hardly any temptation to say that in finishing my report on your deed by using one of these interjections, I should be ascribing a property to what you did. 85 His paradigm case was (D) What the policeman stated is true. 59 As a first step he maintained that assertive utterances of such a sentence 'may be regarded as involving an implicit meta-statement':86 (d) The policeman made a statement.

76 Finally, a property in the broad sense is something you may first have and then lack without yourself having changed. Take the expression 'is sadly missed': it is a genuine predicate, so being sadly missed is a property. 77 But since not every predicate is a genuine predicate, even this prodigal notion of a property excludes some contenders, most famously existence: the predicate in 'Tame tigers exist' isn't a genuine predicate, because in the formalization of this sentence it would be replaced by the existential quantifier; hence the term 'existence' (taken as the nominalization of the predicate 'exist' as used in this sentence) does not designate a property.

So in the end it seems to me that Williams made somewhat heavy weather of 'somewhether' and 'thether'. Perhaps we will find the American varieties of nihilism more convincing. So let us turn first to Grover and then to Brandom (whose theory is an offshoot of Grover's). 3 'True' As a Syncategorematic Expression The central claim of Dorothy Grover's version of nihilism is this:123 [nihilismG] A certain fragment of English, in which the word 'true' occurs only within prosentences and within some sentential operators, has the same expressive power as English.

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