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E[loj v. (2)[loj - Gourd. e[ou v. esou - Pincers. 6: A Greek symbol used to denote the numeral '6'. It is pronounced coou. 6 z: (65a); Sixth letter of the Coptic Alphabet; z: the numeral '7'. ); m. meaning unknown. zabiloc: (Gk); n. The arabic month 'shawal'. zaz: (65b); n. Asphodel. zakroulli: (Gk); m. Curled at the tip. ); Sugar. zenzen: (65b); m. Lizard, chameleon. ); n. Fight, debate. zeuc, zeu, dioc, dia: (Gk); n. Zeus (Roman deity); the planet Jupiter. z z/loc: (Gk); adj. Jealousy, eager rivalry, emulation, fervor, zeal.

Ox, cow. ehyori v. hyo - Mare. ehywr v. hyo - Horses. ehi v. hi - On. ehko v. hko - To be hungry. ehli v. hli - Anything. ehlol v. hlol - Darkness. ehmot v. hmot - Grace. ehna= v. ehne- - Desire. ehne-, ehna=: (690a); n. Will, desire. ehoou: (730a); m. Day; mpiehoou: On, in the day, by day; qajen piehoou: Before now; qen piehoou: In day; erpiehoou: vb. To spend day; voou: The day, today; mvoou: Today. voou mpiehoou: This day. ehra= v. ho - Toward face of. ehren- v. ho - Toward face of. ehr/i v.

Sugar. zenzen: (65b); m. Lizard, chameleon. ); n. Fight, debate. zeuc, zeu, dioc, dia: (Gk); n. Zeus (Roman deity); the planet Jupiter. z z/loc: (Gk); adj. Jealousy, eager rivalry, emulation, fervor, zeal. z/lwt/c: (Gk); m. Emulator, zealous admirer or follower, lealous, zealot. zizuvon: (Gk); m. Jujube, a tree that bears the jujube (zizyphus vulgaris). zwgravoc: (Gk); m. One who paints from life of from nature. zwmoc: (Gk); m. ; broth. zwn/: (Gk); f. Belt, girdle. zwon: (Gk); m. Living being, animal; zwon s/m: Small animal.

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