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By Didier Sornette

Concepts, equipment and methods of statistical physics within the learn of correlated, in addition to uncorrelated, phenomena are being utilized ever more and more within the traditional sciences, biology and economics in an try and comprehend and version the big variability and hazards of phenomena. this is often the 1st textbook written by way of a widely known specialist that offers a latest updated advent for employees outdoors statistical physics.

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14) describes a particle at position W which is incessantly subjected to random velocity impulses 71 leading to random variations of its position. 14) is formally W(t) =lot dv 71(v) . 16) This shows that dt 71(t) is simply a notation for dt W(t), and, as usual, this has mathematical meaning only under the integral representation. 16), we can calculate easily the covariance 11 11 t Cov [W(t), W(t')] = t' dv t = dv' Cov [71(v), 71(v')] t' dv dv' 6(v~v') =Min (t,t'). 17) expresses the fact that the correlation between W(t) and W(t') is due to the set of noise contributions {71} that are common to both of them.

For a Gaussian distribution, (X) bu is very close to u showing that the Gaussian pdf is characterized by small fluctuations. L- 1)) u and grows with u, a signature of the absence of characteristic scales. d. sample X 1 , X 2 , ... 47) with the notation Y+ = max(y, 0). This three parameter family of distributions He,,m,a(x) has 1. a location parameter -oo < m < +oo, 2. a scale parameter a > 0, 3. a shape parameter -oo < ~ < +oo. 47) by taking the limit~ --t 0: Ho,m,a(x)=exp[-exp(-x~m)], defined for -oo < x < +oo.

In general however, the different contributions may be correlated in a complicated way, sometimes even showing wildly varying scales. It is useful to first investigate the simplest case where the variables which constitute the sum are uncorrelated and well-behaved. This will be a useful benchmark against which all other processes can be compared. 1 The Random Walk Problem Consider the 1D-problem of a random walker on a line [44]: starting at time zero from the origin, the random walker is at x(t) at time t.

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