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In Poker English, tha t mean s th e ant e an d minimu m be t i s 2 5 cents, ther e ca n onl y b e thre e raise s i n on e roun d of betting, and you can be t the maximum—in this case, 50 cents—only when there's a pair showing or after the final card i s dealt . One characteristi c of low-stake s poker, especially a game wit h al l thes e bettin g restrictions , i s lo w betting , especially a t the start of a hand. Players , to feel out their competition, wil l ofte n chec k o n th e first round t o se e who wil l ope n th e betting .

For som e reason , whit e chip s alway s represen t th e WHAT YOU PLA Y FO R 13 lowest allowable bet. In a $1 limit game, the white chips would b e wort h a quarter , the re d chips ; 5 0 cents, an d the blue chips, $1 . Some low-stake s game s hav e liberal betting rules. In a $1 game, you can be t any amount that is a multiple of 25 cents—th e lowes t availabl e chi p denomination—a t any time . You can, theoretically , bet $ 1 on you r first up card. I n other game s there are varyin g levels o f restrictions, dependin g on whose house you'r e in.

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