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By Paul Heitjans; Jorg Kärger

Diffusion because the strategy of particle delivery because of stochastic circulation is a phenomenon of an important relevance for a wide number of tactics and fabrics. This complete, handbook-style survey of diffusion in condensed topic supplies special perception into diffusion because the means of particle shipping as a result of stochastic move. major specialists within the box describe in 23 chapters the several points of diffusion, overlaying microscopic and macroscopic experimental innovations and exemplary effects for numerous periods of solids, drinks and interfaces in addition to numerous theoretical thoughts and types. scholars and scientists in physics, chemistry, fabrics technological know-how, and biology will take advantage of this precise compilation.

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9. Vacancy mechanism of diffusion. Fig. 8. Direct interstitial mechanism of diffusion. ⇒ Fig. 10. Divacancy mechanism of diffusion. 42) where S F and H F denote formation entropy and enthalpy of a vacancy (superscript F ). 40) equals eq eq CV . Typical values for CV near the melting temperature of metallic elements −4 −3 lie between 10 and 10 (in molar fractions) [40]. 42) we get for the jump rate of an atom in the case of self-diffusion Γ = ν0 exp HF + HM SF + SM exp − . g. alkali halides) and ceramic materials occurs by the vacancy mechanism.

Group IV transition metals, group V transitions metals, and palladium) and form hydrides at higher hydrogen concentrations. g. group VI metals, group VII metals, and iron). From a scientific point of view diffusion of hydrogen is significantly different from diffusion of other interstitial solutes. Fig. 14 shows an Arrhenius plot for diffusion of hydrogen and its isotopes deuterium and tritium in the bcc transition metal niobium (for references see Chap. 9 in [6]). We use Fig. 14 to illustrate some characteristic features of hydrogen diffusion: 10 -8 500 400 10-9 D / m2 s-1 T/K 200 300 150 H 10-10 D 10-11 T 10 -12 2 3 4 5 -1 6 -3 T / 10 K 7 8 -1 Fig.

The latter is, however, the dominating mechanism at temperatures below 2/3 of the melting temperature [22]. Interstitialcy Mechanism In this case self-interstitials – extra atoms located between lattice sites – act as diffusion vehicles. As illustrated in Fig. 11 a self-interstitial replaces an atom on a substitutional site which then replaces again a neighbouring lattice atom. Self-interstitials are responsible for diffusion in the silver sublattice of silver halides. In silicon, the base material of microelectronic devices, the interstitialcy mechanism dominates self-diffusion and plays a prominent role in the diffusion of some solute atoms including important doping elements [41].

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