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1984). First, despite a huge choice of plants (hundreds of browse species and 92 Gramineae and Cyperaceae species in Manyara; Greenway and Vesey-fitzGerald 1969, 1972, Loth and Prins 1986) only a few species make up the major portion of the diet. Secondly, on a year-round basis, perennial grasses form the mainstay of the diet. 4). These features undoubtedly hold for the majority of grass-dependent herbivores. Analysis of buffalo dung shows that Cynodon dactylon is the most important food species of Manyara buffalo, but in the long rainy season Cynodon plectostachyus becomes equally important.

The finegrained landscape of Manyara (Chapter 1) unlike the Serengeti with its much coarser pattern of sublandscapes lends itself to the provision of a balanced diet for buffalo. Again, research on cattle indicates why such a balanced diet would be advantageous to buffalo. Garrett (1970) reported that beef cattle fed diets containing about 21 % crude protein required 20% more feed to maintain energy equilibrium than did those fed diets containing 12% crude protein (d. 1). The cause of this difference is that the energetic cost of metabolizing amino acids ingested in excess of the protein requirements is high (Reid 1974).

Oct. 5 Seasonal occupancy of grazing grounds by buffalo of the Central Herd of Manyara. Landscape ecological units: AI, areas with upwelling groundwater with the sedge Cyperus laevigatus; A2, lake shore grasslands dominated by the grass Sporobolus spicatus; A3, riverine grasslands dominated by the grass Cynodon dactylon; F, terrace grasslands dominated by the grass Sporobolus pyramidalis; GI and G2, different types of glades dominated by, respectively, C. dactylon and Chloris gayana grass; P, plateau grasslands dominated by Sporobolus pyramidalis; R, riverine bushlands; W, Acacia tortilis woodlands.

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