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By Gary F. Leatham, Michael E. Himmel

content material: Enzymes for fuels and chemical feedstocks / okay. Grohmann and Michael E. Himmel --
Enzymes in pulp and paper processing / L. Viikari, A. Kantelinen, M. Rättö, and J. Sundquist --
Enzymes for anaerobic municipal sturdy waste disposal / Christopher J. Rivard, William S. Adney, and Michael E. Himmel --
Thermostable saccharidases : new resources, makes use of, and biodesigns / J. Gregory Zeikus, Chanyong Lee, Yong-Eok Lee, and Badal C. Saha --
Mannan-degrading enzymes produced by way of bacillus species AM-001 / Koki Horikoshi --
Proteinases and their inhibitors in biotechnology / J.W. Fox, J.D. Shannon, and J.B. Bjarnason --
Subtilisin : commercially suitable version for large-scale enzyme creation / W. Douglas Crabb --
Enzymes from good substrates : convalescing extracellular degradative enzymes from Lentinula edodes cultures grown on advertisement wooden medium / Gary F. Leatham, Ian T. Forrester, and Chittra Mishra --
creation of Trichoderma reesei cellulase approach with excessive hydrolytic capability through solid-state fermentation / D.S. Chahal --
position of statistically designed experiments within the improvement of effective downstream approaches / R.C. Lawson and K.W. Evans --
better software of polysaccharidases via chemical cross-linking and immobilization / software to fungal [beta]-D-glucosidase / D.J. Mitchell, J.O. Baker, K.K. Oh, ok. Grohmann, and Michael E. Himmel --
Bioprocessing aids within the restoration of proteins from biomass / Ian T. Forrester, Anthony C. Grabski, Mark N. Shahan, and Kathleen Fletcher --
Chromatography in enzyme isolation and creation / Ronald M. Spears --
Lignin peroxidase : catalysis, oxycomplex, and heme-linked ionization / Danying Cai and Ming Tien --
constitution and law of manganese peroxidase gene from phanerochaete chrysosporium / M.H. Gold, J.A. Brown, B.J. Godfrey, M.B. Mayfield, H. Wariishi, and ok. Valli --
legislation of ligninase creation in white-rot fungi / Pascal Bonnarme, Juana Perez, and Thomas W. Jeffries --
Laccases of the ligninolytic fungus Coriolus versicolor / Noriyuki Morohoshi --
Pilot-scale creation and houses of lignin peroxidases / ok. Polvinen, P. Lehtonen, M. Leisola, and okay. Visuri --
Chemistry of lignin degradation via lignin peroxidases / Toshiaki Umezawa and Takayoshi Higuchi --
Enzymatic lignin degradation : an extracurricular view / Simo Sarkanen --
Lignin-carbohydrate complexes from poplar wooden : isolation and enzymatic degradation / R.P. Overend and K.G. Johnson --
Cellulase : insights via recombinant DNA methods / K.O. Elliston, M.D. Yablonsky, and D.E. Eveleigh --
constitution of cellulolytic enzymes / H. Esterbauer, M. Hayn, P.M. Abuja, and M. Claeyssens --
Thermal unfolding of Trichoderma reesei CBH I / J.O. Baker, D.J. Mitchell, ok. Grohmann, and Michael E. Himmel --
Bacterial cellulases : rules of synthesis / James C. Linden and Ming Shiang --
Cellulomonas fimi [beta]-1,4-glucanases / Neil R. Gilkes, Andreas Meinke, John B. Coutinho, Edgar Ong, Jeffrey M. Greenwood, Robert C. Miller, Jr., Douglas G. Kilburn, and Antony J. Warren --
comparability of amylopullulanase to [alpha]-amylase and pullulanase / Badal C. Saha, Saroj P. Mathupala, and J. Gregory Zeikus --
Cyclodextrin glucanotransferases : expertise and biocatalyst layout / Bernard Y. Tao --
Starch liquefaction with a hugely thermostable cyclodextrin glycosyl transferase from thermoanaerobacter species / R.L. Starnes, C.L. Hoffman, V.M. Flint, percent. Trackman, D.J. Duhart, and D.M. Katkocin --
Reactions of glucansucrases within the biomass conversion of sucrose / John F. Robyt --
Biotechnological strength and creation of xylanolytic structures freed from cellulases / Peter Biely --
Catalytic houses and partial amino acid series of an actinomycete endo-(1 [yields] 4)-[beta]-D-xylanase from chainia species / Kulbhushan B. Bastawde, Louisa B. Tabatabai, Michael M. Meagher, Mandayam C. Srinivasan, Hari G. Vartak, Meenakshi V. Rele, and Peter J. Reilly --
accent enzymes eager about the hydrolysis of xylans / okay. Poutanen, M. Tenkanen, H. Korte, and J. Puls --
comparability of endolytic hydrolases that depolymerize 1,4-[beta]-D-mannan, 1,5-[alpha]-L-arabinan, and 1,4-[beta]-D-galactan / Barry V. McCleary --
Microbial recommendations for the depolymerization of plant and algal polyuronates / J.F. Preston, III, J.D. Rice, M.C. Chow, and B.J. Brown --
Synergism among 1,3-[beta]-glucanases in yeast telephone wall zymolysis / S. Bielecki and E. Galas --
Chitinases / Graham W. Gooday --
Xylose-glucose isomerases : constitution, homology, and serve as / Stanley M. Lastick and C. Thomas Spencer.

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Enzymes in Biomass Conversion

Content material: Enzymes for fuels and chemical feedstocks / ok. Grohmann and Michael E. Himmel -- Enzymes in pulp and paper processing / L. Viikari, A. Kantelinen, M. Rättö, and J. Sundquist -- Enzymes for anaerobic municipal good waste disposal / Christopher J. Rivard, William S. Adney, and Michael E. Himmel -- Thermostable saccharidases : new assets, makes use of, and biodesigns / J.

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1981, 199, 341-350. ; Zeikus, J. G. J.

The MSW feedstock was added to a nutrient solution at 5% w/v for daily feeding as previously described (33). ch003 Pilot-Scale Reactor. Anaerobic digester effluent was obtained from a non-mixed pilotscale reactor system operated at Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL, and fed an RDF MSW/sludge blend (64). The MSW feedstock was obtained from Baltimore, MD, and the municipal sewage sludge from the Walt Disney World Complex. Fresh effluent samples were sealed under anaerobic conditions and shipped overnight in ice for analysis.

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