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By Charlie Collins, Michael Galpin, Matthias Kaeppler


Android in Practice is a treasure trove of Android goodness, with over ninety confirmed, ready-to-use recommendations together with whole end-to-end instance purposes and useful information for actual international cellular program builders. Written by way of genuine international Android builders, this e-book addresses the trickiest questions raised in boards and mailing lists. utilizing an easy-to-follow problem/solution/discussion structure, it dives into very important subject matters now not lined in different Android books, like complex drawing and snap shots, trying out and instrumentation, development and deploying purposes, and utilizing substitute languages.
About the Book
It's now not not easy to discover the data you want to construct your first Android app. Then what? a good way to construct genuine apps, you'll want a few how-to recommendation, and that's what this publication is about.

Android in Practice is a wealthy resource of Android advice, methods, and top practices, protecting over ninety smart and important suggestions that may make you a more desirable Android developer. strategies are offered in an easy-to-read problem/solution/discussion structure. The e-book dives into vital subject matters like multitasking and companies, checking out and instrumentation, construction and deploying purposes, and utilizing replacement languages.
What's Inside* innovations masking Android 1.x to 3.x
* Android for tablets
* operating with threads and concurrency
* checking out and building
* utilizing position understanding and GPS
* kinds and themes

And a lot more!

This ebook calls for a operating wisdom of Java, yet no previous event with Android is assumed.

Source Code are available at​practice/
desk of Contents

* Introducing Android
* Android program fundamentals
* coping with lifecycle and state
* Getting the pixels perfect
* coping with heritage projects with Services
* Threads and concurrency
* Storing info locally
* Sharing information among apps
* HTTP networking and internet services
* situation is everything
* entice the senses utilizing multimedia
* second and 3D drawing
* trying out and instrumentation
* construct management
* constructing for Android tablets

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Linux is a serious player in the operating systems market and is deployed on millions of systems worldwide. Its flexible architecture, security, speed, and stability make it an excellent choice for many purposes. If you don’t have any experience with a Linux-based OS, again, don’t worry. You’ll rarely have to access the Android OS directly, because most tasks that involve the OS are either wrapped in a framework interface (when talking about application development), or can be performed by means of specialized tools provided with the platform SDK (when talking about user-level interaction such as accessing the command prompt).

Org. The Android JSON API is a stripped down version of that popular library, with only the essential classes needed for parsing JSON strings, and serializing Java objects into JSON strings. ) Knowing what’s available, both in terms of standard and third-party libraries, will save you a lot of time when building Android applications. Beyond these basic Java libraries, Android also provides a rich set of APIs for accessing Android specific parts of the platform. This includes device hardware, media, graphics, location, local data, and more.

The Android core library implementation is trimmed down to include only packages that are useful on a mobile device or those that aren’t replaced by an Android-specific Java technology. In all, what’s included, and what isn’t? 2 Packages and libraries included Let’s say it one more time: not all of Java’s runtime library is implemented in Android. Understanding what is and isn’t there lets you know how much of your Java programming knowledge you’ll be able to reuse and determines if you’ll be able to leverage existing Java libraries (because those libraries are likely to rely on the core Java runtime library).

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