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1.1. creation Plastic protecting, both framed or floating, is now used world wide to guard plants from adverse becoming stipulations, corresponding to serious climate and bugs and birds. secure cultivation within the large feel, together with mulching, has been broadly unfold via the innovation of plastic motion pictures. Paper, straw, and glass have been the most fabrics used sooner than the period of plastics. usage of plastics in agriculture began within the built nations and is now spreading to the constructing international locations. Early usage of plastic used to be in chilly areas, and plastic used to be generally used for cover from the chilly. Now plastic is used additionally for defense from wind, bugs and ailments. using masking thoughts all started with an easy procedure resembling mulching, then row covers and small tunnels have been constructed, and at last plastic homes. Floating mulch was once an exception to this series: it was once brought fairly lately, even though it is a straightforward constitution. New improvement of sensible and cheap movies caused common use of floating mulch. desk 1.1. The use a/plastic mulch on this planet (after Jouet, 2001).

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Therefore, the governing rule is conservation of these components. :. 4. Energy balance equation. DIGITAL SIMULA nON 27 In Fig. 4, energy balance of the soil surface is considered. We are assuming a hypothetical very thin film soil layer at the surface, which does not have appreciable volume to store energy in it. Since energy conservation holds here, the summation of all energy inflow and outflow is zero. In other words, net incoming energy is equal to net outgoing energy. This is the basic concept of how to build up an equation to describe a system.

Since the operating system of PCs has changed from DOS to Windows and a Windows version of micro-CSMP or PCSMP does not exist, a new Windowsbased simulation language is required to accompany the models developed in this book. , USA, is one of the most successful software packages currently available and is widely used for mathematical calculations. It is suited for work in control and in simulation as well. It is a powerful, comprehensive and user-friendly software package for performing mathematical computations.

_ . . - . - .. > . 4 Q) >- =0 "e;::, ~ ~ ... 8. Diagrammatic representation a/psychrometric chart. m Temperature regime in the soil layer Latent heat transfer is involved % Function involved: soil03 . m clear all;clc; tic to=O; tfinal=48; tfinal=tfinal*(l+eps); yO=[10; 10; 10; 10; 10]; % ini . condition of TF, Tl,T2,T3,T4 [t, y] =ode15s ( 'soil03' , [to tfinal], yO) ; % Calling function soil3. m hl=findobj ('tag', 'Temperature'); close(hl); figure { 'tag', 'Temperature', 'Resize', 'on', 'MenuBar', 'none', ...

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