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Providing basic ICT infrastructure and connectivity was costly and it was hard to service broken equipment because of the remote locations. However, financial sustainability posed the biggest challenge. Usually, when funding ended, telecentres gradually turned into shabby shacks with broken and/or obsolete equipment. Unlike mobile phones, telecentres did not promote entrepreneurship growth and employment opportunities, such as selling pre-paid airtime cards, renting out handsets, or recharging battery services.

Villagers there face severe problems due to poverty and HIV/AIDS. 121. 106 (this issue). “Slowly, top-down communication is shifting to a two-way conversation. ” gles from their own perspectives. 2 Even organisations like the World Bank have joined the publicly open and transparent conversation about the challenges of development via blogs. 3 He discusses ideas, solutions and challenges online with whoever is interested. Slowly, topdown communication is shifting to a two-way conversation. One of the successful key factors of blogging is that it flourishes from volunteer engagement.

Many also underestimate how much time and resources a blog needs. It takes skill and patience to achieve a vibrant blog with an active, commenting audience. Attention and visitors are not guaranteed. You need to persevere to find the audience or help the audience find you (see Box 2). Issues of access and literacy For the average, experienced Internet user, you can quickly learn the publishing process for a blog post. It should not take more than three mouse-clicks, including writing the text. But not everybody is as well connected or has the experience to use this tool and its opportunities.

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