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Comparison of staurolite compositions from North Sea sandstones. identified in North Sea sandstones (Fig. 10), allowing increased sophistication in studies of provenance and dispersal of important hydrocarbon reservoir sequences such as the Middle Jurassic Brent Group (Morton 1985b, 1987a; Hurst & Morton 1988; Morton et al. 1989) and the Palaeocene Forties Formation (Morton 1987b). Garnet geochemistry has been used to evaluate provenance elsewhere, notably of Tertiary sediments offshore New Zealand (Smale & Morton 1988) and in the Bengal Fan (Yokoyama et al.

From De Rosa et al. (1986), modified. References BUSBY-SPERA,C. J. 1988. Evolution of a Middle Jurassic back-arc basin, Cedros Island, Baja California: Evidence from a marine volcaniclastic apron. Geological Society of America Bulletin, 100, 218233. , ZUFFA, G. , TAIRA, A. 8s LEGGETT, J. K. 1986. Petrography of trench sands from the Nankai Trough, southwest Japan: implications for long-distance turbidite transportation. Geological Magazine, 123, 477-486. DICKINSON, W. R. 1985. Interpreting provenance relations from detrital modes of sandstones.

These sediments could then have been recycled to generate the Bridport Sands. Many heavy mineral species, notably those that have high chemical stabilities such as zircon, rutile and tourmaline, are most commonly polycyclic, and at first sight this appears to be an important limiting factor in the application of the geochemical technique. However, in many cases it is possible to identify the sandstones that were potentially involved in the recycling process. By analysing and comparing the compositional ranges of one or more mineral species from the sediment and its potential sedimentary precursors, this technique clearly provides a very powerful tool for assessing the recycling paths of sandstones, for distinguishing sand bodies and formations, for evaluating the degree of mixing from different sources and for identifying fresh sediment influx.

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